Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Granted, this isn't the best photo of the Grand Canyon, but it is one I was able to take personally and it is significant to me. As I stood on the edge of the Canyon I saw two images. One, was the image of a vast, powerful and incredibly awesome work of God. The second was an image of an obstacle that was foreboding beyond comprehension yet I was standing on it's precipice and dreaming of conquering it.
The images were clear metaphors about my life, in fact, all of our lives.

I too, was created to be an awesome work of God and the obstacles I place in my way can be, and often are, as foreboding in depth and breadth as the Grand Canyon itself. But, as I stood staring across this test of time I realized that I have received an equal share of grandeur and I can produce the same effect on the world as this Grand Canyon does if I will receive, as it does, the presence of God in it.

It is a matter of perspective and attitude. My perspective was opened wide, as the Canyon, and my attitude is now that I can overcome any obstacle, even one a enormous this much observed phenomena! It is a simply a choice, a decision, and I choose to see myself in the present as a man created by the same creator that molded and shaped this awe inspiring spectacle.

I hope that one day you too, will come to this place; in person and in spirit!
Of course, that choice is yours!

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