Thursday, May 29, 2008

The First Step

I honestly do not remember my first step but, I know I would not be here without it. Even the journey of a thousand miles begins with this one action. The first step is a requirement no matter the direction; it's also what creates momentum! It's what begins the process. It's what creates the impetus for all other associated actions that lead to achievement, regardless of the goal.

So what causes us to initiate that first critical movement? I believe most of us respond to inspiration, encouragement and hope with varying degrees of vision and imagination. These are the first cognitive steps. Sometimes we must shift of our paradigms to eliminate barriers which impede our growth. Once completed, we can proceed forward toward the accomplishment of additional successive sequential actions which ultimately hurl us toward our destiny.

This is why I believe being optimistic has such a valuable impact on our success, no matter how we define it. If our first thoughts are positive and we develop those thoughts into good habits early on in life, our first steps will produce a character that will joyfully serve us and our communities regardless of circumstance.

You will find nothing new here in this blog but, having paid the price of poor choices, I am compelled to advocate and encourage the discovery and understanding of the gifts each and every one of us possess and to inspire their passionate use for the sake of humankind, one first step at a time. It is to that end that I commit myself and this first page of Born2care!

Peace be with you !

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