Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Worlds Greatest Lie

By B. Stuart Noll All Rights Reserved
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In Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" there is a line that states, "The worlds greatest lie - that we all lose control of our own lives and must let them be controlled by fate." My sudden realization of living that lie haunted me for such a long time. Isn't it amazing how you can hear the same theme over and over again in different ways and still not get it?

(Photo By Debbie Phillips-Noll)

There was a man I admired for his business prowess who once told me that if I wanted to be successful I had to refrain from thinking I was controlled by my circumstances. I heard him, I understood him, but in retrospect, I did not heed him. I had heard instead, as many of us do, the world's greatest lie and believed it because it was so subtle and convenient and easy. I had to do nothing to make it apply to my life. All I had to do was accept it and voila, it manifested.

In my decision to be lazy about accepting the truth of my ability to choose life for myself and to explore the power of manifestation of my dreams through the development of my own imagination, I adopted the reality of "The Worlds Greatest Lie."

I have often heard and sometimes refuted that I am the captain of my fate. I placed the responsibility for my dreams and their associated actions outside of my own being. I allowed the fear of failure and other common obstacles of life to dictate the energy that attracted my reality.

At last, I am free of the bonds of those fears, for I can finally say I understand that I make the decisions; I choose what I think, how I feel, what my perceptions and perspectives are. I know that I develop the attitude which increases the odds or the opportunity to attract and manifest my own set of life circumstances. Is it perfect? No, that is not my expectation. My expectation is that I will choose to see myself and the world in which I live in the most positive light possible and with as little judgment, attachment, resistance and limitation as I can. In this way at least, I will not lie to myself. I accept the world as it is and yet, live as if I have a hand in the construction of my piece of it!

I now know that regardless of what is, with love, I am!

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