Thursday, May 13, 2010

Choosing to Change

By B. Stuart Noll
All Rights Reserved

Great change can occur in our lives when we, after some experience and much self examination, concede that we are unaware of who we really are.

For many, life progresses unconsciously after a period of early familial, societal and environmental conditioning. To some, in time, a glimpse of truth appears but quickly fades into shadows of doubt and despair, succumbing to the jealously conditioned ego. For most, it seems life is an ever continuing conundrum of events serendipitously orchestrated over which we have little or no control. For a select few, an awareness exists within, suggesting we are co-creators of our own realities, manifested by well balanced thought, feelings, emotion and energy, individually and collectively interacting for the benefit of mankind thus honoring the Eternal Source of all that is, simply by being.

By choosing to be aware of something greater than ourselves and by paradoxically living in harmony with others, who, simultaneously acknowledge the energy and spirit within each being, we come full circle - not entirely knowing who we are but, deeply and more meaningfully discovering who we are not!

Small changes within can transform us, often accompanied by peace and happiness.

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